The Sohnland and EU relations

Why have EU relations

The Sohnland and its people have always relied on EU law, institutions and EU funding in their daily lives. We believe that even just making a proposal treaty as a statement is enough to make a difference and let the world know what we think; to give us a voice internationally.

Is The Sohnland in the EU

The simple and straightforward answer is no. We are not officially apart of the European Union, we merely have just signed an application for EEA status and EU Schengen area. 

Can The Sohnland join the EU

Yet again, the answer is no. The Sohnland even as a fully independent sovereign nation if we are to temporarily suspend the idea that TSL isn't independent for the sake of the hypothetical, we would not be able to join as a full EU core member because The Sohnland doesn't fit the criteria to candidate status. A nation needs to be democratic, which The Sohnland is not.