Foreign Affairs

Micronational foreign Relations

The Republic of The Sohnland government has rolled back on its isolationist policies due to feedback. The Sohnland will continue to allow micronational recognition going forward. No decisions will be made permanent.

Recognition requirements

When asking for recognition it's important to know the requirements beforehand to avoid disappointment from a denial of recognition. Save yourself the time by finding out if your nation fulfils our requirements here. 

Current foreign affairs

The Sohnland officially only has proposal treaties with the EU and UK, not focusing much on foreign relations in favour of internal development. The Sohnland has never needed foreign relations with other micronations but will occasionally offer recognition to our friends involved with micronationalism.

The Sohnland may have any official relations with micronations, we have had relations with a very select few.

Relations with The Sohnland for other micronations must be well earned by actually forming real relations over a course of time. We only have relations with micronations, organisations and individuals if we have had friendly relations previously. Actual agreements that aren't nominal require a lengthy meeting for working out an agreement that works for both parties.

Being a nation or a micronation isn't required to form relations with us neither, it just comes down to forming friendships that will last a lifetime.

Who we have diplomacy with

What recognition offers you

DoveArchives & DoveSites

Mutual recognition with us allows any nation immediately access our local services. Recognised nations are allowed to create and edit articles on the DoveArchives and get a free domain with DoveSites Hosting