Recognition Requirements


So you want to learn about Sohnlandic recognition, the requirements and what recognition means.

The road to micronational recognition or full recognition has been laid out in this guide. The process is pretty straightforward, just writing an email inquiring about recognition and negotiate the terms of a treaty or document. However, whether a micronation or organisation is successful depends on the criteria fulfilled.

Building a friendship

Building and having a friendship with The Sohnland before asking for recognition is the best proven way for recognition, this method is the most effective way of obtaining recognition but not the quickest. The trend is the longer the friendship is, the more likely recognition is granted when making the request.

This is what we originally used micronational recognition for. A nominal treaty is just a token of friendship, a way we show it is through a treaty.

Micronational "influence" is not what we look out for, as long as you've been proven to be popular in The Sohnland and well liked, what a micronation has is irrelevant to us micronational influence isn't interchangeable for micronational domestic development.

Being notable or a good example of micronationalism

What to do:

As our original and main intention for recognition is to give a token of friendship to those we value and have had a long prior friendship before initiating recognition, we won't just hand out treaties to anybody. This is why only a select few micronations have relations with us. However, there are other ways to obtain Sohnlandic recognition that aren't just for those we've had long lasting friendships with.

On the odd occasion we may offer nominal recognition to micronations that have proven to be a good example for all micronations. Endorsing good micronations is important in order to give publicity for good inspirational actions. Fulfilling the criteria to be classed as a good example of micronationalism, a micronation will need a few things.

What we need a micronation to have

Having a functioning and stable government with extensive written laws and a capacity to take official action in a professional manner similarly to how a macronation functions.

A micronation must have strong proof of de facto sovereignty I.e., real banknotes, coins, national anthems, websites, news platforms, enforced laws and the capacity to make civil arrests, a register of citizens and laws giving them rights and duties as citizens, government provided services paid for by voluntarily collected taxes from citizens and issued documents like passports and ID.

What gets your request denied

  1. Having micronational wars I.e., partaking in role-play wars as a game and regarding such events as real life wars under the name of micronationalism.

  2. Fictional and unobtainable claims or achievements depending on the circumstance may either be regarded as misappropriating micronationalism for geofiction and simulationism or blatant deception. This is also applicable to having fabricated or exaggerated statistics, records or using warped macronational law and using nebulous loopholes for claiming sovereignty. It's also not recommended to have sovereign Antarctic claims or extraterrestrial claims.

  3. Malicious practices and for the micronations and micronationalists that partake in common and notable malpractices of which include sock-puppeting, belligerent and discriminatory actions and policies towards others, being a public nuisance by disrupting the peace and antagonising others. More serious forms of malice include scamming, fraud, blackmail, defamation and the predation of younger and vulnerable people.

  4. Hijacking micronationalism solely for advertising isn't an inherently malicious practice. However, it's most certainly a huge annoyance in the micronational community when it is unsolicited. This goes for sending links and advertisements as replies to posts unrelated to the topic, spam email, creating or using a micronation with the main goal being monetary gain and using recognition solely as tacit endorsement for product placement. Nobody likes ads, we don't neither.

  5. Joke micronationalism is when a simulation of a micronation exhibits qualities that are kept because they are considered humourous. They are not meant to be taken seriously in any capacity.

Disclaimer: being a good example for micronationalism is not to be attributable to a person's character and not reputation.